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Seaside Therapy

Offering Speech, Occupational and Physical Therapy services to adult and pediatric populations in Naples, FL!

Our Services

Pediatric Speech Therapy

Our goal is to assist children and adults with communication, speech, voice, swallowing and feeding impairments. *We accept adult patients on a case by case basis.*

We offer: Speech/language Evaluation, Articulation, Early Language, Phonological Awareness, Myofunctional therapy, Social Communication and Pragmatics, Augmentative/Alternative Communication Training, Feeding and Dysphagia (Swallowing), Dysarthria (Motor Speech), Dysphonia (Voice), Cognitive Communication Impairment Evaluation and Treatment

Pediatric Occupational Therapy

We aim to increase independence in pediatric daily living and promote an active life.

We offer: Development of Fine Motor/Visual Motor Skills, Activities of Daily Living, Executive Functioning, Sensory Processing/Motor Processing, Developmental Delay Improvements

Pediatric Physical Therapy

Our Pediatric Physical Therapists work with families to provide support in the areas of gross motor development, motor planning and visual motor skills.

We offer: Gross motor development, Muscle tone and strength, Posture/postural control, Pre-gait and gait training, Neuromuscular function, Musculo-skeletal conditions, Body alignment, Environmental adaptations/seating and positioning, Wheelchair positioning and mobility, Splinting/bracing/orthotics


We are currently accepting:
- Private Pay (superbill with CPT codes provided)
- Medicaid
- Community Health Partners (Allegiance, Meritain)
- Step up for Students Scholarship- Unique Abilities

Private Pay Rates:

Speech & Language Evaluation $400
Feeding & Swallowing Evaluation $40
Speech Therapy Treatment: $75/30 min, $135/1hr

Occupational Therapy Evaluation $400
Occupational Therapy Treatment: $75
/30 min, $135/1hr

Physical Therapy Evaluation $400
Physical Therapy Treatment: $75/30 min, $135/1hr

*Discounts may be available for evaluations if there are multiple disciplines needed*


Contact us!

Address: 5625 Strand Blvd Suite 512 

Naples FL, 34110


Tel: (239) 392-1070

Fax: (800) 403-2990

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